House of Creative Work

The aim of the revitalisation and adaptation programme for the Stadnicki Palace in Nawojowa is to restore the former glory of the historical site. The main objective of the programme is to establish a House of Creative Work that will enable the development of cultural and scientific activities. One of its most important tasks will be the organisation of both local and international scientific conferences and seminars, meetings of artists, open-air painting projects, as well as literary workshops. The guiding idea is to restore a unique place that used to host prominent personalities from the cultural, scientific and political world. Revitalisation will allow the Stadnicki Palace to return to the cultural map of Poland and of the world.

Conference Center & Hotel

An additional function of the Palace will be to create a business and scientific conference centre, by means of providing accommodation, a conference room, a restaurant and a tea house. This will contribute to creating new jobs in the region, where unemployment is considered to be the main obstacle for development (according to 83% respondents)* and to improving the level of tourist services in the area. One should also add that its perfect location (approx. 100 km away from Krakow), historical value, and its influence on the social and economic spheres in such a majestic location will make the offer of the Palace in Nawojowa absolutely unique.

*according to the poll survey conducted in 2016 and disclosed in the municipal revitalisation programme for the Nawojowa Municipality for the years 2016-2024

Open air
& cultural

The palace will also host open air & cultural events, aimed at the local community of Nawojowa, as well as at tourists from around the world. The open air events will be organized in the park, with the support of the restaurant & the tea room, that have direct exits to the courtyard & the large route in front of the palace.

The guiding motifs of the open air and cultural events will be: historical events, historical dances, costumes, the Harvest Festival, literary, art and recitation competitions, and a broad range of thematic workshops, e.g. art or theatre workshops.


tea room
and winery

The palace restaurant, with an exit to the terrace which is a perfect place to admire the beauty of the park and palace surroundings, will provide a unique culinary experience. The tea room will allow guests to discover the secrets of teas from all around the globe, while the enchanting winery located in the cellar of the east wing will offer unique wines from all corners of the world.

Social responsibility

The revitalisation of the palace will result in:

  • Counteracting the problems of social marginalization and exclusion by creating new jobs and thus preventing unemployment,
  • Increasing the activity of local residents and offering them more leisure possibilities by means of developing the cultural offer for the local community and integrating it through a wide range of topical workshops.
  • Solving the poor air quality problem (lower energy consumption after revitalisation, by means of improving thermal insulation and the application of environmentally friendly heating sources),
  • Supporting further levels of education, currently conducted by the Municipality on pre-school, primary school and middle school level,
  • Creating modern infrastructure for the organisation of various forms and activities related to cultural scientific and business life.

These activities will also complement the development of regional potential, which is its rich history, educational traditions and human capital.

The park
and nature

It should also be mentioned that, apart from the revitalisation of the Palace in Nawojowa, the magnificent park will also undergo renovation, to restore the historical arrangement of the former English garden that had been designed by Edward Stadnicki in the 1840s. Old oaks, platan trees, thuyas and taxodium have been growing there since that time.